Modell’s Times Sq. Digital Displays

Who ever said working at Modell’s was ordinary? (actually, no one ever said that). In February 2015 the marketing department was given the opportunity to work with Branded Cities Network and take over the digital boards on the Thompson Reuters and NASDAQ buildings (which sit across from one another at the Broadway and 7th Avenue intersection).

To be timely, and react to the chilly winter weather, they advertised two time-sensative campaigns: the launch of New York City FC’s home jersey release. As the official sporting goods merchandise sponsor of NYCFC, we were able to sell their new home jerseys on February 27 before any other sporting goods retailer.

The second campaign was all about old man winter and the cool temps coming up, so it was lined jeans, lined jeans, lined jeans! Or very popular brand of Smith’s lined canvas pants and jeans has sold well this year through multiple promotional channels. So to finish out the season with a bang…lined jeans in Times Square! That’s about 60 feet of flannel on the Nasdaq building.